8 handy tips men can use to avoid rape

Women, like men, have the right to move throughout the world without constantly fearing for their safety, yet the burden of prevention continues to fall squarely on women’s shoulders (Rape prevention nail polish, anyone?). One can’t help but wonder, what would it look like if we talked to men about rape prevention in the same way we talk to women? 

Thus, in the name of equality, we’ve compiled some handy tips that men can use to avoid rape too.

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It makes you wonder if TV shows of the last year might have been better had they followed its example. What if, for example, we never met the mother? What if we never learnt Vee’s fate after escaping Litchfield? What if, instead of demanding the comprehensive, we are asked to analyze? Moving forward, let’s extrapolate, discuss and appreciate the piece we were given, instead of moaning about the work we thought we deserved. That is the great legacy The Sopranos should be known for.